imageNATION -- it's a simple idea:
3D models and resources for people who like to make
cool stuff. Check ‘em out. Our models are film quality,
original and versatile. All of them come textured with
high-res, custom maps, ready to plug-in and go to
work. And everything we sell is dirt-stinkin-cheap.
Why, you ask? Well let me tell you, senator: it's
because we, like you, love what we do. So quit
reading this, get into the site, and check out the
merchandise. We think you'll like what you find.

New: Advance Sentinal Drone:
Check out imageNATION's newest release for Poser
4, 5, 6, and most 3D modelling applications. 35
virtual feet tall, with loads of built-in alien
mayhem. Check out the sample movie to see it in
action and download it now to set it loose in your
latest project.

What kind of files are these anyway?
Everything we currently sell at imageNATION is
packaged directly for Curious Labs' Poser figure
animating and rendering application. When we
began creating material for online sales, this
genre allowed us the widest market for our
elements. HOWEVER, before all you non-Poser
types get your mouse-finger in a bind, Poser's
native file format is OBJ, which as you all know
is a very common file format for almost any 3D
application. This means that if you aren't afraid
of digging the obj files out of the Poser directory
structure and doing a little texture re-assigning,
you can still put all of imageNATION's cool models
to work for you

If you wish to get any of our products in another native
format, however, just let us know. We use Maya, 3DS
MAX, and have facilities to translate anything we have
into virtually any format you might need.
imageNATION newest release
Check out Poser and Curious Labs